All around the world, it’s bedtime, and Mommies are tucking little ones into bed. From the elephants on the grasslands to the camels in the desert to the polar bears in the Arctic, it’s time for prayers, reading a Psalm, singing a hymn, and lots of cuddles and kisses.

This adorable boardbook features a Mommy and baby animal in 8 different habitats getting ready for bed. And the final spread is when Mommy tucks a child into bed.

I love bedtime with Mommy

When we turn off the light.

Her kisses, snuggles, prayers, and hugs

Are special every night!

Now you can preorder BEDTIME WITH MOMMY to share with the ones you love!

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Every child needs the comfort of bedtime rituals such as having a snack, whispering a prayer, and cuddling with a parent. Bedtime with Mommy draws children into the nests and pouches of sleepy-time animals around the world. This sweet book helps little ones end their day secure in their own bedtime routines and reassured of Mommy’s love. -Kim Kautzer, author of WriteShop: An Incremental Writing Program

This adorable bedtime book, featuring mommy and baby animals from all over the world, is a sweet and comforting way to tuck your own little one into bed. Written in lyrical text, Nancy I. Sanders beautifully weaves in gentle prayers and reminders of God’s love. Bedtime With Mommy will be one of those books that kids ask for again and again. -Crystal Bowman, bestselling, award-winning author of more than 100 books for children

Nancy I. Sanders has done it again with her sweet little book, Bedtime With Mommy. From elephants to kangaroos to sloths to humans, Nancy shows us how mommies comfort their children before lovingly tucking them in. Written in easy-to-read rhyme, Bedtime With Mommy is sure to become the ‘go-to’ bedtime book in homes all over the world. -Michelle Medlock Adams, award-winning author of more than 100 books for children

Nancy I. Sanders takes moms and little ones alike on an imaginative journey to habitats all around the world, from the rainforest to the ocean, as we watch mother animals tuck their babies in for the night. We listen in as they sing, pray, and read together as each little one snuggles down safely, wrapped in their mother’s love. It’s the perfect book to read to let your little one know just how special and loved they are. -Bonnie Rose Hudson, WriteBonnieRose.com

Happy book birthday on August 24, 2021!

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